While in a physical clothing store people can rely on a shop assistant to help them decide what to buy, when it comes to an online store, that’s not an option. When online, 90% of customers want to see an ecommerce website that has a great design, featuring easy-to-read fonts that match the overall design, and much more, while also being able to see some great products. Here we have put together 5 sites that can help you get inspiration when designing your own fashion ecommerce website.

Fashion Bunker

This is the ecommerce website of an Australian retailer that features some of the country’s most popular and creative brands. The site has a very clean and simple design that offers customers a lot of filter options when they do their searches.

Lavish Alice

Lavish Alice’s ecommerce website has a simple and minimal design that focuses more on the product photos, rather than on flashy scripts or other elements that they think might distract customers. And since no one wants to go through 5 or 6 different product pages just to see the same clothes, this ecommerce also has product filters that provide better navigation through the website.


This ecommerce website for a company from Verona is a very good example of how a small store can also go online, as things seem to be going pretty smooth for them. The website features curated products from clothes to vinyl and they stay true to their preferences and their customers’ preferences and only feature brands that deliver this.

Imogene and Willie

As a company that offers denim, among other pieces, they went the extra mile when creating their ecommerce website and decided to add a very helpful “Denim Care” guide so that they could deliver the best experience possible for their customers. Apart from this, their product page is very well-designed, featuring lots of bold photos and simple product description fields.


East Dane is an ecommerce website that carries products for men and it gives its customers a great shopping experience and all the latest products from designers from all over the world. Something that a lot of customers first look for when they go online shopping is whether the site offers free shipping, and this ecommerce offers that which is always a great bonus.

So, when running an ecommerce website for your clothing store, make sure to make it good looking and well designed, but also that it is easy for your customers to navigate through it, since , like we mentioned before, that could be the difference between a successful online store and a failure.

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